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the following WordPress Plugins ...

WP AdPunch Plugin

WP ad punch plugin


"Discover How To Turn a Wordpress Blog
into a Paid Members Site that Sells Itself In Less Than 15 Minutes 
With This Easy-to-Use Plugin"

If you want to build a profitable membership site that virtually sells itself then you need to read this letter very carefully.


Because if like me you've been looking for a decent solution you will have found that all the systems out there are either over-priced, over-complicated or they only accept Paypal which instantly loses a bunch of potential customers. 

I spent hours researching the various options available and couldn't find anything that met my requirements and that had a sensible pricing and licensing policy.

Most of the solutions cost $100 per site or $250+ if you wanted to be able to install it on multiple sites.  Not only that but all of them seemed to have a massive manual you had to wade through just to grasp the basics .

This is totally unacceptable.

Here is what a Good Membership Solution needs to do...

  • It must be able to show parts of each post to non-members as a 'teaser' to really pull in paid subscribers .
  • You must be able to accept both credit cards and Paypal and not limit your site to Paypal users only.
  • It should be QUICK to setup. Literally plug and go .
  • It should fully automate the subscribing and upgrading process.
  • It should have an affiliate system so other people will promote your site for you.
  • It must be secure. There is no point having a system that people can get around and avoid paying you for your hard work.
  • It must be cheap. No one wants to blow $80, $100 or $300 to set up a membership system.
  • It should come with easy to follow installation instructions in both written and video format.
  • It should be able to manage both free and paid memberships.
A Solution that meets all those requirements...

The simple fact is that there was nothing that met ALL of those requirements.  So I set about creating something that did.

Check this out...

Clickbank Wordpress Membership Plugin

CBWP Membership System.

Installs in minutes.  This really is super easy. The installation is in two simple steps, a wordpress plugin and a special script to fully automate the clickbank end of things.  If you've never installed anything like this before the first time might take you a little longer but most of my friends and customers can install this in under 10 minutes!  
Lowest cost Multi-Install Licence ever!  Want to use this on multiple sites?  No problem, we have hands-down the cheapest multi-install licence.
Teases people into upgrading their membership.  You can protect whatever sections of a post that you like.  You can limit parts to free members, paid members, etc.  Let visitors read some of your information but make them subscribe to see more.  This literally makes your membership site sell itself
Want to redirect to a 'One Time Offer' page after a member has paid to upgrade?  No problem!  You can do exactly that with CBWP Member. 
CBWP Member is fully automated.  The process of users registering and upgrading is all done automatically.  You can go on vacation for two weeks and people will be able to continue registring and upgrading to paid memberships.  This literally is "set it and forget it" technology. 
Zero compatibility issues. Works with all Wordpress themes and is compatible with other plugins that use shortcodes.
Enables you to provide special content to RSS feeds only. 
Widest range of payment options. CBWP Members uses Clickbank as the payment gateway giving you an automatic affiliate program and the widest range of payment methods including credit card, check, or paypal. 

Multi-Install License!  Use on as many of your own Wordpress sites as you like!

That's right!   You can install it on as many of your Wordpress blogs as you like!

And you'll get an illustrated instruction guide plus two tutorial videos that show and explain every step of installation. 

WP Guest Poster Plugin

An EASY Way To Monetize Your Blog, Get FREE Content,

Build Social Signals, Increase Engagement And More...

Now You Can Allow Your Blog GUESTS To Post To Your Blog Without Registering Themselves! Get Free Content, User Interaction, Social Signals, and MONETIZE This Plugin ANY Way You Want!

Using Wp Guest Poster, you can build strong user interaction and ongoing engagement on all of your Wordpress blogs.

Not only that, but you're getting FREE 'user generated content' for your blog, keeping it fresh with no work on your part!

Of course while visitors are reading this new content, they will also be exposed to everything else you have setup on your blog! (like your ads, your other posts, archives, sharing buttons, optin forms, pop ups, exit pops, etc...)

How It Works: (Screenshots)

Upload and Activate:

Create A New Page

Insert Shortcode

You can even direct the user to ANY URL after they submit an article to your blog using this shortcode:
[guest-posts thanks=""]

Now this is where you can MONETIZE this tool, by sending users to a special offer, one of your products, an affiliate offer, Amazon product, CPA offer...or ANYWHERE ELSE YOU WISH!

And finally...

You can create a user in your Wordpress dashboard, and assign all new posts to be 'posted by THIS USER'. 

Example: Create a user named 'Guest Author' in your Wordpress dashboard. Every user has an ID number. As Admin, you are user 1. If this 'Guest Author' is the only other user on your blog, their author id would be 2.

Place this code on your Guest Post page, and now every submitted post will say 'posted by Guest Author'
[guest-posts author=2]

*To use ALL 3 shortcodes combined, use this format:
[guest-posts author=2 thanks=""]

So How Does This Plugin Increase Your Social Signals?

Social Signals are currently a major factor in search engine rankings.

* Using Wp Guest Poster You Get Fresh New Content Posted To Your Blog - add your favorite social sharing buttons/plugin and you'll get more shares/likes/+1

* Remind your guest posters to share with their own social circles when their article is published!

Submit Article Page Screenshot:

Note: All posts made to your blog using Wp Guest Poster will be set to 'Pending' in your Wordpress Posts dashboard. You can then review them, and edit/publish as you wish!

Q: Where Can We Use This Plugin?

    * Your Clients

    * Your Sites

    * Sites You Sell


"Use The WpPicSize Plugin To Resize Your Images Instantly On The Fly!

Use For Unlimited Sites Of Your Own, As Well As Client Sites!"

Upload, Activate, And You're Ready To Go!


1. Select Up To 20 Images To Resize At Once:
(Supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF Files)

2. Select Resizing Options, Then Press Submit:

3. Preview Resized Images(no preview for thumbnails, they are 100px X 100px) and Download Either Individually, or All Images At Once In A Handy .ZIP File:

EzWpRotator Plugin

"Track, Cloak, And Rotate An Unlimited Number Of Links Right From Your Wordpress Dashboard Using The EzWpRotator Plugin!"

What Can You Do With The EzWpRotator Plugin?

  • Use it to cloak your affiliate links!
  • Use it for Advertising co-ops and share traffic with all members!
  • Use it to split test salespages and see which converts the best!
  • Use it to share sales with partners on any promo!
  • Use it for all of your "permanent" links in ebooks and products, which you can change anytime!

    And anything else you can think of!

    There isn't a simpler solution available to track, cloak, and rotate links right on your own website.
  • The EzWpRotator plugin can handle all of your linking needs with point and click ease.

WP Watermark Plugin

ATTENTION: If you want to get more traffic to your websites,

by doing something you ALREADY do, read on...

"Use WpWatermark To Quickly And Easily Brand Images

On Your Wordpress Site With YOUR URL!"

Turn Images Into SITE TRAFFIC With A Couple Of Clicks!

The WpWatermark plugin is a tested and proven tool that will allow you to instantly brand your blog images on the fly. It is released under the GPL License System, so you are free to edit it any way you wish!

** New AND Past Images Branded Instantly! **

That's right! Not only will EVERY image you upload be watermarked with YOUR URL/text, but you can also apply branding to all of your PREVIOUS images with a couple of clicks!

(Branding past images is an optional feature, you may choose to only do future images - it's up to you!)

Plugin Screenshots:

WP OptinForm Plugin

"If You Aren't Building Your List With Every Blog Post, You're Wasting Your Time...And Money!"

"Use The WP Optin Form Plugin To Build Your List

With Every Post To Your Wordpress Blog!"

"Displays An Autoresponder Opt-In Form At The Beginning Of Your Latest Blog Post, Or Every Post If You Want..."

You no longer have to rely on placing your autoresponder opt-in forms as widgets in your Wordpress side bar.
Now you can put them where your visitors will actually see them, at the beginning of your blog posts!

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money to get people to visit your blog, but are you building your list with that traffic?
It's like throwing away money when you let visitors leave your blog without giving you their email address

Use WPOptinForm On Unlimited Blogs!

Have more than one blog? No problem! Your personal use copy of the WPOptinForm plugin allows you to use it on as many domains as you personally own. 

WPOptinForm Features:

  • Easy Normal WP Plugin Install!
  • Completely Customizable!
  • Works with ANY Autoresponder!
  • Includes Pro Squeeze Page Creator!
  • Display on Latest, or "X" Latest Posts!
  • Optional: Display Only On First Visit!
  • Optional: Email Alerts When You Post!

How It Works
: Simply add your opt-in form code provided by your autoresponder company to the plugin.

(We recommend since they have such awesome default templates to use!)

Your opt-in form will now be posted before the content in your latest "X" number of blog posts for all of your readers to see. They can't miss it!

Additionally, you can set the form to display at the beginning of EVERY blog post if you wish, or on the first visit only.

Hint: Works Perfectly With Your Auto-Blogs!

Put The WP OptinForm Plugin To Use On ALL Of Your Blogs Immediately,

And Watch Your List Grow With Every Post!

WP AlertPay Button Generator Plugin

Plugin Is Super Easy To Use And Allows Anyone To Create Buy Now,
Subscribe and Donate Buttons!

AlertPay Button Generator
WordPress is so easy to use and had become the most powerful sales platform in the industry,
but it was not designed to do everything we are asking of it.
That is where plugins like "AlertPay Button Generator" comes to the rescue!

Just imagine being able to use your mouse to make a few clicks and setup a subscribe
or even a simple buy now AlertPay button inside WordPress.
It really is that simple.

WP Video Analytics + Featured Video Plus Plugins

WP Video Analytics Plugin



Rich Snippets + Simple Sociable Expendable WP Plugins

Gamma Gallery WP Plugin

Easy to use plugin allows you to create a stylish

responsive image gallery in your WordPress blog!

Fast Tube WP Plugin

Fast way to insert videos from YouTube right
into your WordPress blog posts or pages…

Popularity Posts Widget WP Plugin

This plugin allows you to show your most
popular posts as a widget on your blog.


For Just $20
(Personal Use Only)
for just $37


You can DOWNLOAD & use the following FREE WordPress plugins NOW.

Derek Pryde's Affiliates WP Plugin - for Payspree affiliates - this displays a product description and your affiliate link
at the foot of blog posts. 

Add random PLR Tips & your affiliate link at the foot of each blog post.

If you have not already joined these affiliate programs for High Quality PLR, theres a link to each PLR site in the plugin installation PDF.

Download the zip files and open, view rebranding, uploading, and activation instructions ...ALL FREE. Affiliate WP Plugin


EasyPLR Affiliate WP Plugin


For Just $20
(Personal Use Only)

for just $37

PLEASE NOTE : This is a special discounted offer package and as such there are NO REFUNDS


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